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  • What You Should Know About Social Egg Freezing

    What You Should Know About Social Egg Freezing

    What is Social Egg Freezing? Social Egg Freezing is a medical treatment for well women who wish to harvest some of her existing eggs to be frozen (in liquid nitrogen), as a form of fertility preservation. This utilises current knowledge and technology of assisted reproduction techniques (used in IVF), to stimulate, mature and harvest eggs…

  • IUI Interview on Instagram

    IUI Interview on Instagram

  • 9 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Her Fertility

    9 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Her Fertility

    Women don’t usually give much thought to their fertility, unless they are dealing with a health condition linked to their menstrual cycle. Yet, when she is trying to conceive, she might suddenly realise that falling pregnant isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Indeed, many woman have preconceived notions regarding their fertility, even though numerous factors…

  • Postpartum Bleeding: Do You Need to Worry?

    Postpartum Bleeding: Do You Need to Worry?

    Still getting the “red tide” after giving birth? Find out what is normal and what isn’t! You’ve experienced some 40 weeks of pregnancy, been through labour, and you’re now holding your precious little one in your arms. Seems as if the worst is over, right? Besides the lack of sleep, breastfeeding woes, endless diaper changes…

  • 9 Reasons Why You Can’t Conceive Again

      After your first baby arrives, you may think that it’s only a matter of time before you get pregnant again. Yet, the stork doesn’t always cooperate, so you’re wondering why have yet to conceive baby #2. Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee had once hope to give their 5-year-old son Zed, now 5,…

  • A Guide to Gestational Diabetes


  • 6 Ways to Handle a BFN When You’re Trying for a Baby

    Most couples who are trying to conceive would agree that waiting for the results of their pregnancy test is an utterly nerve-wracking experience. After you’ve peed on a stick, the disappointment of looking at a BFN (big fat negative) can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve been waiting to start a family for some time. “A…

  • 6 Ways to Get Your Baby to Move in the Womb

    Feeling your little one kick and move is one of the best parts of pregnancy. This also reassures the mum-to-be of her baby’s well-being. Obstetrician & gynaecologist Dr Liana Koe of STO+G Practice at Thomson Medical Centre notes that babies start to move about from around the seventh to eighth week of pregnancy, and mothers…

  • What Happens if my Waters Break Before Labour?

    When she was 33 weeks pregnant, first-time expectant mum Chan Huijun 32, suddenly felt a gush of water in her underwear. She thought she had peed. “I had just gone for yoga, and I was walking around the mall nearby. I was conscious about my pants being stained, so I quickly hopped into a cab…

  • Common Gynaecological Conditions